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Thursday, 29 August 2013

There's never a good time

I've said this to a close friend of mine more times than I can count recently. We've been discussing her desire to start a family, and it's true. There is never a good or right time to start. Opportunities are constantly popping up and finances change with the opportunities that arise.

You'd think I would listen to my own advice then, "take things as they come, you may not get this chance again", but actually I'm just as anxious as she is.
And no, I'm not considering baby number three.

I've been recommended for a job. Almost the perfect job that I had no idea I wanted (or that it even existed) until the email popped up in my inbox offering me an interview if I was interested.
I'll be working with the Family Nurse Partnership, a fairly new scheme that places professionals with young first time mothers/families in vulnerable positions to support them through pregnancy up to their child's second birthday.
Without knowing this is the kind of work I've wanted to get into for a long time. With my degree being in psychology I suppose it was a given that I wanted to be able to work one to one with people to help them, but I've always backed away from taking the relevant steps to become a social worker or practicing psychiatrist. I'm fearful of the cases I would come across, the pain that I would witness.
I want to help, I always have. I just needed something else. Something more like this.
And of course, just because I've been offered this interview doesn't mean I'll get the job, but it's certainly inspired me and opened my eyes to where I really want to be right now.

It's perfect. And an amazing opportunity.
But the timing? Awful.
Weeks after I've had a new baby? I can't begin to process the emotions that surround the prospect of having to leave her so soon.
And before Dylan is ready to start any of the day nurseries we've been looking at?
It's almost a joke.

In saying that, Harrison's change in job has given him the freedom to work when he wants to and make his own rota (as long as he clocks up his hours), he could technically arrange some of his work around mine so we'd have a balance with child care. 
And this is an opportunity I may not get again. Even if a job came up, the likelihood that I would know someone high up in the department who would recommend me for a position is second to none.
And anyway, just because I have the opportunity to interview doesn't mean I'll get the job.

Needless to say I'm going for my interview on Friday.
I'm actually also going for a briefing on Monday.
I'm excited.
Nervous, but excited.

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  1. Good luck for your interview on Friday!! =)
    It definitely sounds like it's a great opportunity for you. You've got nothing to lose in trying really, you may end up doing something you really love! xx